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Residential Solar

Welcome to Darwin Solar’s residential solar services webpages. Below you will find links to all our residential products and services pages along with a brief summary. If you can’t find any information you are looking for, remember, we are only a phone call away. You can reach Darwin Solar today on 1300 765 272 (1300 SOLAR2) or Contact Us.

Our residential product and services suite includes a free bill analysis service, information on our Solar Hot Water solution, our Solar Pool Pump solution, and Solar Irrigation solutions. There is also some information around how you might choose to put together the funds to buy your solar system and some great referral offer.

For your free bill analysis, upload your bill on the bill analysis page.

  • Professional Audit

    We are residential solar system sale and installation experts, let us review your circumstances and apply our experience and knowledge to give you the best possible outcome

  • Our Northern Territory

    We have some of the best land in Australia for solar production, being closer to the equator means more consistent and longer sunlight hours all year round.

  • We are the right choice

    Let Darwin Solar help you to meet your energy independence requirements and reduce your reliance on the grid; whilst saving you money at the same time!

Solar Systems

Install a Darwin Solar Solar (PV) System today and you can reduce electricity bills and save money, plus be more in more control of your energy needs.

Bill Analysis

Darwin Solar will independently review your current retail electricity plan to uncover any unnecessary charges you may be paying.

Finance Options

The sun’s energy is free for everyone, the only thing stopping you from harnessing this free energy is not owning the technology to make it usable. Of course the technology isn’t free, however there are some constructive ways of acquiring a solar power system that you may not have thought of…

PV Direct Hot Water System

ONE of the biggest energy users in any home is water heating—it can account for up to a quarter of total energy use, costing you big dollars every year. That’s why so many Australians are installing a highly efficient SolFlow PV Direct Hot Water solution in their home or business.

Solar Hybrid Pool

Darwin Solar is the exclusive distributor of the new generation SolFlow Hybrid Pool System, a world-first designed right here in Australia. It heats and filters your pool – keeping it sparkling clean and at the right temperature all year round

Solar Irrigation

Until now, with solar bore pumps you have had to TOTALLY rely on the sun for the pump to work. What if you had a week of cloud or maybe a cloudy morning/afternoon? it is likely that your tank or dam will not receive sufficient water.

Thanks to our Patented Hybrid Technology, all of this is a concern of the past!

Monitoring Platforms

Darwin Solar uses sophisticated analytics software to monitor your solar energy system’s performance in real time as the first step in realising a customised Energy Management Plan designed to significantly reduce your grid energy consumption.

Rewards Program

Refer a Friend to Darwin Solar and Receive a $250 Gift Voucher!*

Residential Gallery

View the Darwin Solar residential image gallery.

Install a Darwin Solar Solar (PV) System today and you can reduce electricity bills and save money, plus be more in control of your energy needs.

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