Solar Powered Hot Water, has to be one of the smartest ways to heat your water!

Solar Panels produce DC power, which is more far more efficient than AC power. In simple term’s, AC power will swing to positive 240 volts and negative 240 volts, 50 times per second (hence 240V, 50Hz), the usable power is when the power stroke is at the high and the low, leaving alot of “off” time in-between.
Contrast to this, DC power is just “ON” all the time and our specially designed DC element get’s very hot and heats the water extremely well, in a far more efficient manner than AC power ever could (besides heat pump’s of coarse!)
The DC power energises a DC element at the bottom of the tank and as long as there is light (regardless whether it is hot or cold, summer or winter!) the water heats up, giving you solar hot water all year round!

Further more to this, when your water reaches the target temperature, it can switch over and energise a grid-connect inverter or charge a battery bank…. now what other hot water system can do that?

And wait for it….. in most cases it’s cheaper then your standard thermal hot water systems!

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