SolFlow has developed the first Internationally Patented Solar Hybrid Pool system in the world.
The SolFlow system is designed so that when the sun is shining, the system will not draw any power from the AC grid, should a cloud or shade cover the panel, the controller will gently Hybrid and transition power from the mains AC power in a very efficient manner.
You as the pool owner, put in the parameters and decide how much AC power is allowed to be used to obtain optimal efficiency and water flow. If set correctly (slightly different for every pool), 90%+ of the required power will come from the solar panels…and this is whether you are only filtering OR filtering and heating your pool from the SolFlow Hybrid Pool system.

There are many benefits from using SolFlow Hybrid Technology:
1. The pump can prime first thing in the morning (solar only cannot)
2. Should a cloud come over, the pump will not stall and put the chlorinator on “standby” but continue to run at a set minimum speed
3. The brushless DC pump can be operated in the evening if the pool is in use
4. Heating control is incorporated into the controller… this means heating and filtering by the ONE solar powered pump… again which can only be achieved with SolFlow Hybrid Technology.

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