Solar is a large investment…. but if done correctly, it is by far one of the smartest, low risk investments available today. Could you imagine if i said to you, purchase a particular stock on the stock exchange and you are guaranteed to get a MINIMUM 20% return on investment…. Where do i sign up you say!! SOLAR IS THAT INVESTMENT.


High quality product is the key to successful investment in the solar industry

There are two different type of inverter technology, panel optimiser and string inverter. Whilst micro inverters use the same technology as sting inverters but are very small and there is one under each panel.

Solar Edge is the panel optimiser technology. The optimiser is the “brain” and there is one under each panel calculating and absorbing all the energy that panel can supply. This energy is delivered to the wall mounted inverter which converts the DC to AC for the grid.

SMA is the string inverter technology. This where you have a number of solar panels connected together. The “brain” is inside the inverter on the wall. It limitation are with shading, panel mismatch performance. If could imagine one pipe with five water taps, when turn on tap off by 10%, the water flow through all the other taps are restricted by 10% even though they are completely open. Sting inverters work in the same way. If all panels are facing the one direction with no shading, they can offer good performance. ALL Panels should be kept as clean as possible, as one dirty panel will affect the others.

Tindo is our panel of choice, they are extremely high quality, high performing and AUSTRALIAN MADE. The Tindo panel is very attractive having black frames and blend into most roofs very well. Whilst they are a little more expensive then their Chinese competitors, the extra performance makes up for it!!
Tindo solar cells come from Belgium, whilst the backing material is from Japan and the unit-reflective glass is from Germany, all the best ingredients put together to make an amazing Australian made product!!!

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