Until now, with solar bore pumps you have had to TOTALLY rely on the sun for the pump to work…. what if you had a week of cloud or maybe a cloudy morning/afternoon… it is likely that your tank / dam will not receive sufficient water.

Or maybe you might need the pump to work at night?

Thanks to our Patended Hybrid Technology…. all of this is a concern of the past!!

We absorb all the power from the solar panels first and transition mains power if and when required to add to the solar power, be it 10 watts up to a 1000 watts.
For example… you might have set the bore pump to operate at 600 watts but only 520 watts can be generated by the solar panels a particular point of the day, the remaining 80W will come from the mains power automatically if you set the controller parameters to ask for this. You do not have to worry or even think about… it all happens effortlessly and dynamically.

Our unique control system is very versatile, which YOU can easily put in the settings you would ike and have total controll over how much AC power you want to limit.

As every region has very different sunrises and sunsets…you simply set the beginning of day and end of day with a touch of a button as so the controller knows when to start looking for solar power and when its time to start looking to turn off at end of day.
It even has pre-set parameter for Summer and Winter…. all at the touch of a button.

You are in control of how much mains power you want to use…. you never have to go back to using standard mains power pumps ever again!

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